Tradesman Series Retractable Tool Tether

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The Tradesman Series of retractors is ideal for those who need access to their keys while working, but would also make use of a small pouch for a frequently used tool such as a putty knife, box cutter or wire nips. The leather pouch is durable and will hold a variety of slim tools. Backed by our Lifetime Service Policy.

  • Standard Duty - 24" Stainless Steel Chain / 8-10 oz. / 15 keys
  • Heavy Duty - 48" Kevlar Cord / 8-10 oz. / 15 keys
  • Super Duty - 36" Kevlar Cord / 13-15 oz. / 22 keys
  • Attaches with 1-1/2" belt slits in at the top of the leather pouch

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Type: Tradesman Series

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